21 May 2016

Improved GPS watch

I  improved GPS watch by adding RTC to use it acturally.
Almost of the parts are common to Adafruit's Neogeo watch. I added RTC, a few buttons and on/off switch and changed mainboard from Flora to Pro Trinket 3v and battery back pack for Trinket.
 This one can be charged with USB micro cable.
 By adding voltage divider with 2 carbon resisters, It can show the volume of battery. I have already written rainbow Led code. I used it for this battery checking mode.
Its downstair has mainboard, accelerometer/magnet Sensor, Real time clock and lipoly battery 3.7v 400mah.
I added code for cpu sleep mode and watch dog timer, too. It works for about 26 hours. Before this improving, It works for only 8 hours.

8 May 2016

2 rollers brass buckle

I made 3 brass buckles with silver soldering.
At first cutting parts. The thickness of the brass sheet is 1.5 mm.
 Copper tube.
 3mm and 4 mm brass rods.
 Filing all parts to get precise measurements.

 They are checked on the drawing before soldering.

 When the soldering didn't go well, I clean the part by the acid and try again.
 4 mm brass rod is hard to bend.
  I filed them to be a hald diameter.

 Bending is power work. I don't like that.

 Not so bad !

 Cleaning by the acid. Actually the green liquid is cleaner for toilette. The time of the phase is about 5 minutes. It is copper plating a little.
 I polish the brass parts of the front side.
I used one for my leather belt.

Coin case with card holder

I made coin case with card holder.
 The measurements becomes a little large than regular coin case which I made.
 I don't like this style of form because it makes more un usable parts.

 Only the edge was tint.

I put in clear plastic sheet in card holder.

Leather Belly bag

I tried making leather belly bag.
At first, paper forms were used.
 next cutting leather.
 I bought a half size of a cow with split to be used to adjust the thickness.
 When I searched handmade leather belly bag in Etsy, I couldn't find anythings with the zipper. Why the handmade bag doesn't have the zipper ?
 The back side was smoothed.
 Attached hooks.
 Stitching was not easy. I should learn some more things to make something in 3 dimensions from leather.
 Finished stitching.
 Front side.
 I attached hook ring not to be easy to open.
 I made smaller one.

26 Apr 2016

Adding LED to steampunk style brass goggles.

I have already finished my DIY brass goggle in steampunk style. I also published of making stuff here Making brass goggles
I added LED rings to my made steampunk style brass goggles.
I also changed some parts of the goggles to improve.
 Actually I chose Arduino mini pro 3.3v 8Mhz. But It's a little slow to light complex LED patterns.
 The LED rings were made by Adafruit. Although I tried using chinese made one, that was always noisey.
 The idea of using tracing paper on the inside of glasses is Adafruit's idea.
 Lipo battery was attached. The opposit side has micro computer.
 I noticed the part of circuit needs cover. I tried looking for it in glossary shops, but I couldn't find good one. So I made it.
 The brass sheet's thickness is 0.5mm.
 Bend, bend.
 Then I soldered the 2 parts with hard silver solder. That is my way which I can use well.
 I bought brass hitch. It's very thin.
 After soldering. looks very dirty.
 I use a cleaner to clean toilette to clean soldered one. The cleaner includes a little acid.
 Not so bad than I imagined it at first.

 Then I attached micro computer and swith inside of the brass box.
 I used double sided tape to fix the connector and micro computer.
Finished assembling.
I programmed LED pattern for it.
 This designing way was thought by myself.
 It's useful to think how the program is written.